"25 days on an island in Indonesia, delving deep into yoga, in all its forms. Asana, meditation, pranayama, contemplation, self enquiry. All that combined with free movement, inspiring yoga principles and ancient Tantric philosophy, for me, makes the Embodied Flow Foundations 200 hour yoga teacher training a truly comprehensive programme for becoming a yoga teacher. Using movement as therapy to deepen understandings of ourselves, nature, the Universe, and consciousness, through embodiment practices. Wow. A truly incredible experience.The training was guided thoughtfully and honestly by Jess, her passion and knowledge of the teachings shines bright and her capacity to hold space is enchanting."

Florence Cannon
Embodied Flow graduate

"Jess has a way with words and the body, she weaves wisdom bombs delicately through her classes and I leave feeling light, expanded, and with my heart feeling like it’s the most powerful thing in the world."

Lucia Gutierrez
Sustainable Commerce Instigator

"The 200 hour Teaching Training I took with Jess is a gift that I continue to unwrap. Her guidance and support created space for reflection and exploration and offered more than just teachings to practice on the mat but ways that I can move through daily life. I had already completed previous teacher trainings, but Jess had a unique way of taking me deep through my layers in order to discover new depths. Jess humbly practices what she teaches and inspires me to move from my own heart."

Michaela Diamanti
Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer

"Jess Kamell once told me of a show she saw on the science channel where subjects were trying to bounce on a trampoline wearing egg cartons beneath their feet to see if they could bounce without crushing the eggs inside. She said she wanted to try running with egg cartons on her feet and do the same. I have no doubt she could.
For me, she is the epitome of an embodied self- inhabiting her whole body with the attunement and ease of a cat or a butterfly. She is obsessed with discovering new pathways of embodied movement and can register and transmit in ways that rival high-end medical instruments. Her language around Embodied Flow™ is helping us create an expanded vocabulary. As a body and life explorer she is uncovering, like a scientist, new and innovative ways to share the experience of diving into the depths of our own human form."

Tara Judelle
Co-Founders of Embodied Flow™