Meet Jess

Jess has been dedicated to curiously exploring and digesting yoga for the past 11 years. Her passion for yoga sprung instantly. She fell deeply in love with the authentic connection and belonging her practice revealed. Teaching was a natural and potent progression, a way to share and continue this conversation with others. She has continually deepened her knowledge and understanding in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Anusara and most recently holds her certification in Embodied Flow™.

Her willingness for self discovery is fuelled by a realization: that the more we look inwards and know our bodies, the more available we are to meet life with presence – rather than with a conditioned mind. This offers us the key to live an authentic liberated life and cultivate heartfelt connections.

Jess’ intention for teaching yoga is to provide a space in which students awaken the essential Self and experience themselves in wholeness. There is a poetic nature to her teachings as she combines her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics with philosophy and imagery – a recipe that guides students deep within the layers of their bodies and awakens the wealth of love within their hearts.


"Embodied Flow™ is a continuum of movement and expression that draws from the discoveries of various hatha, tantric and somatic movement systems in order to experience yoga as a living art form. Embodied Flow™ provides the technology for a deep sense of ease, strength and connectivity in the human form. This in turn, empowers the practitioner to be their own greatest teacher as they expand, integrate and facilitate awareness in their entire body-mind."

The highest aim of yoga is to awaken to one interconnected reality in which we are all vibrating.

The way to truly know the terrain of the teachings is through living the experience directly. The body is the vehicle for such awakening. It not only includes the tangible layers we feel in our human form, but also the intangible contents of our energetic states inclusive of thoughts and felt senses. All are gateways to awaken consciousness, expand our capacity for presence and a deepen our connection to Self.

Embodied Flow™ classes and trainings create the perfect container for these awakening practices. By embodying anatomy, mindfulness and tantric philosophy, students curiously differentiate, interconnect and ask the question “how does the manifested form inform the spiritual and vise versa?” The answers to living an awakened life are revealed in the wake of such inquiries.


I am madly inspired by nature and see this world as a continuum of my yoga practice. Some of my favorite ways of engaging with life are climbing to high places, gliding down snowy mountains, running barefoot in the sand, listening to ocean waves on repeat, marinating in tea tree lakes, storm watching, waking up as the sun rises, sharing sunsets with other humans, dancing in my kitchen and cuddling kittens.

Every person I have met in my life has helped facilitate the growth of who I am today. If we have traded smiles in passing, hugged hearts or ruffled one another’s feathers, thank you. All have pointed me in the direction of my truth. So many inspiring teachers have illuminated my authentic path of teaching and gifted me with me the tools to voice my highest potential. A few special stars in my sky are Kristin Campbell, Julia McCabe, Chris Chavez, Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, who continue to light the way.