The highest aim of yoga is to awaken to one interconnected reality in which we are all vibrating. The way to truly know the terrain of the teachings is through living the experience directly. I facilitate transformative experiences that reveal your authentic nature. Through the practice of Embodied Flow™ yoga, we journey into layers of your human existence to awaken and embody your radiance and live a liberated life.

For me, Jess is the epitome of an embodied self- inhabiting her whole body with the attunement and ease of a cat or a butterfly. She is obsessed with discovering new pathways of embodied movement and can register and transmit in ways that rival high-end medical instruments. Her language around Embodied Flow™ is helping us create and expanded vocabulary. As a body and life explorer she is uncovering, like a scientist, new and innovative ways to share the experience of diving into the depths of our own human form.

Tara Judelle

Co-Founder of Embodied Flow™